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  • This white paper explores the application of the CMOS 2307N industrial detector in situations that would traditionally require analogue radiographic film due to spatial difficulties.   Read more >

  • 28. Juni 2021 | Flachbilddetektor

    LUMEN 4336W drahtloser Detektor für Radiographie

    The new LUMEN 4336W has been designed with reliability in mind from the start.  By simplifying the construction of the internal components, we have minimized potential points of failure while also improving the design of the housing to provide added protection from external shocks.   Read more >

  • Evaluation of XRpad2

    In this white paper we explore the usability of the XRpad2 HWx-i DDAs for mobile NDT. We tested the image quality performance at operational temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 50 °C. The XRpad2-i DDAs are evaluated with accordance to the Characterization of Digital Detector Array ASTM E-2597M-14.   Read more >

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